The Commission has published a number of background papers, all available below:

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18 May 2018

Background Paper 13: The regulatory capital framework - Impairment, provisioning and enforcing security


PDF [214KB]

14 May 2018

Background Paper 12: Financial services and Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises


PDF [287KB]
DOCX [156KB]

9 May 2018

Background Paper 11: Request for Information Reforms to Small Business Lending


PDF [234KB]
DOCX [155KB]

7 May 2018

16 May 2018

Background Paper 10: Credit for small business - An overview of Australian law regulating small business loans

Background Paper 10: Addendum (Part 7.5.4 – final paragraph)

Godwin, Paterson and Howell

PDF [564KB]
DOCX [351KB]


27 April 2018

Background Paper 9: The regulatory capital framework for authorised deposit-taking institutions (ADIs)


PDF [466KB]
DOCX [114KB]

13 April 2018

Background Paper 8: Key Reforms in the regulation of financial advice


PDF [536 KB]
DOCX [359KB]

5 April 2018

Background Paper 7: Legal Framework for the Provision of Financial Advice and Sale of Financial Products to Australian Households

Professor Pamela Hanrahan

PDF [1.3 MB]
DOCX [358KB]

5 April 2018

Background Paper 6 (Part A):Some Features of the Australian Financial Planning Industry

Background Paper 6 (Part B):  Education and Training Requirements for Financial Advisers

Background Paper 6 (Part C):  Financial Products Available to Retail Investors


PDF [687KB]
DOCX [143KB]

PDF [534KB]
DOCX [115KB]

PDF [571KB]
DOCX [129KB]

19 March 2018

Background Paper 5: Request for Information Reforms to Consumer Lending


PDF [874KB]
DOCX [499KB]

12 March 2018

Background Paper 4: Everyday Consumer Credit -Overview of Australian Law Regulating Consumer Home Loans, Credit Cards and Car Loans

Paterson and Howell

PDF [874KB]
DOCX [499KB]

9 March 2018

Background Paper 3: Some Features of Car Financing in Australia


PDF [849KB]
DOCX [212KB]

22 February 2018

Background Paper 2: Some Features of the Australian Mortgage Broking Industry


PDF [874KB]
DOCX [499KB]

9 February 2018

Background Paper 1:  Some Features of the Australian Banking Industry


PDF [874KB]
DOCX [499KB]

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