Submissions on past conduct

The online form for submissions allows an individual or entity to make a submission to the Commission. The Commission will continue to accept submissions using this form up until 28 September 2018.

The online form is designed to capture information that is relevant to the work of Commission, while also being consistent with the areas of inquiry set out in the Commission's Terms of Reference.

The form includes questions asking you to:

  • describe the misconduct of the relevant financial services entity
  • when this conduct occurred
  • your views on what contributed to this misconduct, and
  • any steps you have taken to complain about the conduct and the outcome of your complaint.

The form also enables you to provide the Royal Commission with other comments including your views on what changes you would like the Royal Commission to recommend.

Making a submission

To provide a submission to the Royal Commission, please complete the online form.

If you are concerned about the conduct of more than one financial services entity you should complete a separate submission for each entity. Please do not provide additional supporting documents such as personal financial records with your submission.

Please note that your submission will not be provided to the Royal Commission until you have pressed "Submit". The form does not currently allow for information to be saved until it is completed and submitted so the form will need to be completed in a single session. Once you have submitted the form, you will receive an email confirmation to acknowledge that your submission has been submitted to the Commission.

The Commission is aware that some people may have been receiving information that the Commission can make a decision to refund investors or provide compensation. Such claims are not correct. The Commission cannot resolve individual disputes. It cannot fix or award compensation or make orders requiring a party to a dispute to take or not to take any action.

How your information will be used

The information you give to the Royal Commission is provided to help the Commission with its work and will be used only for the purposes of the Commission. The information you provide may be published by the Commission during its proceedings or in its reports without revealing the identity of the person or entity who supplied the information. At the conclusion of the Royal Commission all of its records, including submissions are required to be stored in the National Archives.

The Commission may contact some individuals or entities that make submissions. The Commission will not contact everyone who makes a submission but will ensure that all submissions are recorded, reviewed and used to inform the Commission's work.

The Commission is required to conduct an inquiry. It cannot resolve individual disputes. It cannot fix or award compensation or make orders requiring a party to a dispute to take or not take any action.

Further assistance

If you are having difficulty using the form or require an accessible format please email

If you are unable to communicate via email please phone the Royal Commission on 1800 909 826 to make alternative arrangements.